Aroma Diffuser
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Our innovative BodyChoice Aroma Diffuser allows you to immediately enjoy your favorite essential oil or scented oil anytime or anywhere without the use of heat.  Because it uses no heat, the therapeutic properties of your essential oils will not be compromised and you will be able to enjoy your BodyChoice Aroma Diffuser safely—even when you sleep!  The BodyChoice Aroma Diffuser is also acts as an air purifier trapping dust particles, pollen, mold and other airborne pollutants.

The BodyChoice Aroma Diffuser is easy-to-use.  Simply remove the filter basket from the bottom of the unit, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or scented oil directly onto the filter, and replace the filter basket back into the unit.  Turn the unit on by choosing either a high or low fan setting and let your favorite scent fill the room.  If you want to switch the scent from your Diffuser, you can either let the aroma run out on its own, or replace the filter and add a new oil.

As a bonus, our BodyChoice Aroma Diffuser comes with 20 replacement filters allowing you to quickly change scented oil output whenever you want!

Features and Benefits:

  • Vaporizes Essential Oils and Scented Oils Safely With No Heat—Can Even Use While You Sleep
  • Because the Aroma Diffuser Does Not Use Heat, the Essential Oil’s Therapeutic Properties are Kept Intact
  • Immediately Fills Both Large and Small Rooms with the Pleasant, Healing Scent of Your Favorite Oil
  • Has Two Quiet Fan Settings—High or Low for Your Choice of Output
  • Is Economical—Consumes Little Power
  • Comes With 20 Replacement Filters Allowing You to Quickly Change Scented Oil Output Whenever You Want
  • Item #: BCAD-11

Aroma Diffuser

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