BodyChoice Portable Stone Warmer
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BodyChoice Portable Stone Warmer

Our BodyChoice Portable Stone Warmer is a wonderful tool for hot stone massage therapy. Not only does it quickly heat up your massage stones, it also allows you to conveniently and safely transport them.  Keep your stones hot while in the car with the car lighter adapter and keep them safe from breaking while in transit with the insulating travel pads. Worried about storing your massage-oil-covered stones after your hot stone massage therapy session? With the two stone wash bags, you can store the oily stones safely until you get home to wash them. The BodyChoice Portable Stone Warmer can hold enough massage stones to give a full-body hot stone massage. Truly an innovative product!

This Package Contains:

This item  has been discontinued due to manufacturing issues.  Please check back regularly for updated status*

  • A BodyChoice Portable Stone Warmer
  • Two Stone Wash Bags
  • Two Insulating Travel Pads
  • A Built-In Digital Thermometer
  • An AC Power Cord
  • A Car Lighter Adaptor
  • An Instruction Manual

Features and Benefits:

  • While at Home or in the Office, the Tote is Conveniently Powered by an AC Adapter
  • While in Transit in the Car, the Portable Stone Warmer is Conveniently Powered by a Car Lighter Adapter
  • An Easy-To-Read, Built-In Digital Thermometer Regulates the Temperature
  • Comfortable Shoulder Strap on Tote Allows You to Easily Transport Your Stones
  • Two Convenient Stone Wash Bags Let You Store Oily Stones Without Them Soiling Surrounding Items
  • Travels Pads Keep Stones Insulated and Safe From Breaking While in Transit

Technical Information:

  • Interior Dimensions: 18x12x2.5in (46x31x6cm)
  • Exterior Dimensions: 18.5x13x4 in (47x32.5x10cm)
  • Heats to 158°F in 15 minutes
  • Cools to 59°F in 40 minutes
  • Input Voltage: 110-240V
  • Output: 16Vdc
  • Current: 4.5A
  • Temperature Controller Range: 86-158°F
  • Input Voltage for the CAR: 12-16V, Current: 3.5A
  • Item #: BCPSW-1

BodyChoice Portable Stone Warmer

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