Complete Home & Student Package
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All the most important products needed by student or amateur bodyworkers for a complete working practice. It reflects a flexible bodyworking practice, with functions like adjustable backrest on the table, an oil-proof cover and a massage oil warmer. We've tried to ensure it more covers every type of therapy and spa use - from reiki to pedicures!

Who is it suitable for?

No matter what your specialty, if you are setting up your career as a bodyworker or a working practice in a limited setting, this is the complete package of materials for you.

What are the benefits?

You receive all the necessary materials you'll need for an operating bodyworking business, at an incredible value-for-money price. Of course, the table carries our signature 10-year guarantee and all products have our full endorsement of quality. All this in one convenient to-your-door delivery!

What's in the package?

Here's the list of what you get:

1 - Flattop Pro BodyChoice Table 30" ($379.00, Color: Burgundy)
1 - Ergonomic Adjustable Headrest ($49.00)
1 - Face Pillow with Memory Foam ($14.95)
1 - Deluxe Carrying Case ($39.95)
1 - Hanging Arm Shelf ($18.95, Color: Burgundy)
1 - Flannel Stretch Sheet ($12.90, Color: White)
3 - Flannel Pillow Covers ($6.90, Color: White)
1 - Round Bolster ($20.00, Color: Navy Blue) 
1 - Oil & water resistant stretch cover ($39.00, PU-leather, Color: Gray)
1 -Massage Rolling Stool ($49.00, Color: Royal Blue)
1 - 8oz 100% Pure Natural Almond Oil ($7.90)
1 - 8oz 100% Pure Natural Apricot Oil ($8.90)
1 - 8oz 100% Pure Natural Sesame Oil ($7.90)
1 - 8oz 100% Pure Natural Grapeseed Oil ($6.90)
1 - 64 Ounce Energizing Massage Oil Blend ($22.90)
1 - 64-Ounce Rejuvenating Massage Oil Blend ($22.90)
1 - 64-Ounce Relaxing Massage Oil Blend ($22.90)

 Of course, you are welcome to add any additional goods you may need!

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Complete Home & Student Package

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