Feldenkrais Table
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The Custom Craftworks Feldenkrais is ideal for the movements unique to the Feldenkrais Methodaccommodating the high static andworking weights necessary for guiding clients through actions. Designed to support up to 800 lbs., the Feldenkrais has combinationInverted Truss and Cable Lock Systems to provide the ultimate in strength and stability at all points. The standard low height range(17” to 25”), extended width (36”) and length (78”) and 1.5” firm foam padding, make it the perfect choice for physical therapy andFeldenkraisMade in USA.

The Cable Lock Systemaircraft quality and vinyl coated, and Inverted Truss System, make folding and opening your table a cinch while ensuring total support and lateral stability! A full width hinge extends across the table for even more strengthSeven ply reiki end panels offset legs and wires so you can comfortably perform seated work at either end of the table. Dual end accessory ports on both sides of the table provide extra convenience when positioning your clients and allow for versatility in a variety of settings. Dual knob construction creates extra stability.

The frame is made of high quality birch hardwood to ensure rock solidprofessional strength and flex resistance. Comprised of 1.5" firm foam padding for added support and resistance beneficial for sensory feedback. Covered by supple, skin friendly polyurethane, the Custom Craftworks Feldenkrais Portable Massage Table is durable and easy to clean. Made with CFC-free foam and water based, non-toxic lacquers and finishes, the Feldenkrais is even environmentally friendly. Offered in several beautiful and unique color options as a focal point and statement piece or to complement your décor.

Made in Eugene, Oregon, with parts sourced globally.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed by practitioners for Feldenkrais.
  • Combination Inverted Truss and Cable Lock Systems provide strength and support at all points.
  • 800 lbs. working weight.
  • Dual knob construction ensures extra stability.
  • Cable Lock System is aircraft quality and vinyl coated for added protection.
  • Full width piano hinge makes opening and closing your table a cinch.
  • Seven ply reiki end panels offset legs and wires so you can comfortably perform seated work at either end of the table.
  • The 1.5” firm foam padding ensures support and resistance for sensory feedback.
  • The polyurethane upholstery is soft, durable and environmentally friendly. Easy to clean too!
  • The dual end accessory ports on both sides of the table provide convenience when positioning your clients.
  • Rigid birch frame and legs for professional strength and flex resistance.
  • Made in USA with CFC-free foam and water based, non-toxic lacquers and finishes.

Sizes, Colors, and Construction

  • Available Width: 36"
  • Available Colors: Agate Blue, Buff, Black, Burgundy, Chocolate, Haze Gray, Hunter Green/Forest, Mushroom, Navy/Midnight Blue, Purple or Teal
  • Frame Constructed from High Quality Solid Birch Hardwood in a Natural Finish

Ideal For

  • The Feldenkrais Method
  • Rolfing
  • Physical Therapy
  • Gyms
  • Product requires customization 2 week lead time
Specifications Custom Craftworks 36" Wide Feldenkrais
Width 36''
Length 78''
Length with Headrest 82''
Adjustable Heights 17" - 25"
Weight 43 lbs
Static Weight 1,800 lbs
Working Weight 800 lbs
Padding Firm 1.5" foam system
Upholstery Standard Upholstery
Legs and Frame Solid Extra Rigid Birch

Vinyl-Coated Aircraft Cables
Dual Knobs 
7-Ply Reiki End Panels 
Dual-End Accessory Ports 


Ten-Year Guarantee Against Defects of Legs and Frame
Two-Year Guarantee Against Defects of Upholstery

Product requires customization
2 week lead time

  • Item #: MM-FK30

Feldenkrais Table

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