Healing Stone Massage
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Part I

You will learn about the various types of stones, textures, shapes, the benefits and cautions, and frequently asked questions related to stone therapy.

You will also learn a basic hot stone massage utilizing foundation layouts and hot stone massage techniques, plus a cool moonstone facial massage. You will be introduced to six advanced restorative protocols that cover a variety of dysfunctions and teach you how to evaluate your client and where to place the stones to benefit each dysfunction.

Part II

You will learn five routines and unique advanced treatments. The Sportsmassage routine shows how to use stones in a pre-event sports massage. The Pregnancy massage routine uses warm stones in a side-posture massage. The Meridian routine provides a foundation layout for the legs in side-posture. The Detoxification routine shows a light-touch stone massage focusing on the lymphatic system. The Restorative routine shows three restorative postures and how to use hot stones to increase


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Healing Stone Massage

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