Oil-Resistant Table Cover
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Give your massage table and your massage room a brilliant shiny new outfit. Change the color of your massage table within seconds according to your moods or your client's. 

Perhaps green for calmness, maybe red for energizing, or how about stunning saffron yellow? This extra skin is functional as well as decorative. It is suitable for use with oils, lotions, creams etc., so there are no more accumulations of un-hygienic substances. This new skin is very easy to clean and can also protect your massage table for a lifetime.

Soft on the skin, our oil-resistant table covers are made of PU vinyl with a woven fiber interior. This design makes them protective for the table, and easy to clean.

Our oil resistant covers fit tables 69 -75 inches long and 28 - 31 inches wide. 

Color Samples:

 Color Chart

Important Notice:

Please note that the above color samples are used as guidelines only although we do our best to select the swatches to best match the actual colors. Nevertheless, the products you receive may still look slightly different because each visual display unit (computer screen) shows colors a little differently. Should you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us sales@mysticmassagetables.com  FREE SHIPPING WITH THIS PRODUCT

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Oil-Resistant Table Cover

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