Pisces Dolphin II Portable Massage Chair
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The Pisces Dolphin II Portable Massage Chair with PVC-Free Ultrafabric is the massage chair that will work for you. Other chairs require you to use your upper body, putting strain on your arms, wrists and shoulders. The Dolphin II allows you to leverage the power of your own body weight to work longer and deeper. You will have energy to spare without strain, or injury, after working with your Dolphin II.

The Dolphin II is ideal for portability and professionals on the go, with a weight of only 18 lbs. The lightweight construction is articulated with durable, powder coated aluminum frame that is chip resistant and easy to clean. The welded and fixed base provides superior strength and stability for all clients, all sizes.

The design of the Dolphin II ensures customization with ample positions for the fit and comfort of your client. This dynamic chair providesaccess to the lower back, so your clients get worked on where they need it most. Clients are more comfortable and do not need to hold any postural muscles. Your clients will be able to let go more fully into the chair. Proudly made in the USA, durability and function are guaranteed.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ultra lightweight and effortlessly portable at only 18 lbs
  • High-quality, aluminum frame with welded fixed base ensures professional strength, security and stability
  • Distinct design allows easy access to client’s lower back
  • Ergonomic operation avoids strain and injury, leveraging your body weight to assist
  • Choice of positions accommodates smallest to largest clients comfortably
  • PVC-Free Ultrafabric is a breathable upholstery that stays cooler in warm environments and resist stiffening in the cold and can easily be kept clean.
  • Made in the USA to achieve the highest quality of workmanship, innovation and longevity


  • Black Upholstery with Black Frame
  • Lapis Blue Upholstery with Black Frame
  • Forest Green Upholstery with Black Frame
  • Burgundy Upholstery with Black Frame

Ideal For:

  • Most Massage Modalities
  • Practitioners with Larger Clients
  • Mobile Massage Therapists

Free Accessories:

  • Free Deluxe Carrying Case
  • Free Sternum Bolster
  • Free Deluxe Headrest Pillow with Upgraded Ultra Leather



  • Item #: MM-PDPMC

Pisces Dolphin II Portable Massage Chair

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