Shiatsu 3D Quad-Roller Massage Cushion with Heat Infrared
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  • Relax and rejuvenate while both Shiatsu and Rolling Massage treat your entire back-or just target problem areas-to a custom massage where and how you want it. Easily fits most chairs and, of course, all budgets.
  • Breakthrough Technology - Patented 3D Technology, Real massage chair mechanism in a convenient and easy to use cushion
  • True Massage Experience - Advanced technology for a deep, relieving massage whenever you need it. It's your massage therapist on demand.
  • Shiatsu and Rolling Massage - Four independent rollers travel up and down the back, targeting all of the major areas
  • Three Massage Programs - For your different need
  • Quick Heat -- Penetrating relief in under a minute!
  • Advanced Microprocessor Control - State of the art touch pad control.
  • Easily Fits Most Chairs - The integrated strapping system turns an ordinary chair into a powerful stress reliever
  • Can be used for car or home, please do not drive and massage at the same time.


  • Item #: MMBM-EC958

Shiatsu 3D Quad-Roller Massage Cushion with Heat Infrared

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