UltraFlex Deluxe PowerLift

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Product Summary

Similar to our UltraFlex PowerLift, our UltraFlex PowerLift Deluxe is all about versatility and comfort. The deluxe version of this massage table, however, features a motorized adjustable backrest, leg section and height adjustment, all controlled by a handheld remote. The UltraFlex Deluxe PowerLIft includes:

  • Free Ergonomic Headrest
  • Free Ergonomic Face Pillow with Memory Foam
  • Free Hanging Arm Shelf
  • Free Fully Adjustable, Removable Side Armrests
  • Free Neck Bolster

Product Details

The UltraFlex Deluxe PowerLift has three motors that adjust the height of the table, the back section, and the foot section with one handheld controller.  Imagine moving your clients into the perfect position in a smooth, fluid motion with the help of the latest in motorized technology!  The UltraFlex Deluxe PowerLift  offers superior comfort for your clients by giving them plenty of room with its 30” width and 75” length (87” with headrest) and by providing soft, durable and thick, 3” padding.

The UltraFlex Deluxe PowerLift massage table comes with an ergonomic headrest and memory foam face pillow which are designed to fit the face’s contours and to keep pressure from building up on any one particular point on the face for the ultimate in client relaxation.  As an added bonus, this table is equipped with fully adjustable, removable side armrests and a removable neck bolster giving your clients even more ways to get comfortable.

The UltraFlex Deluxe PowerLift massage table is constructed from sturdy iron which ensures its professional strength. It is covered withsoft, durable, environmentally friendly, cream-colored PU-Leather upholstery (oil and waterproof).  Its padding consists of 3” of durable,high-density, small-cell foam which ensures the longevity of your table as well as the comfort of your clients.  Its two lockable wheelsmake the UltraFlex Deluxe PowerLift massage table a cinch to move around or lock securely into place.

Features and Benefits

  • With a touch of a handheld remote, three separate motors adjust the height, backrest, and leg section of the table for the ultimate in convenience and luxury
  • The luxurious ergonomic headrest with a memory foam face pillow easily conforms your clients’ facial contours
  • The 3” thick high-density, small-cell foam ensures the longevity of your table as well as the comfort of your clients
  • The oil and waterproof PU-Leather upholstery is comfortable, durable and environmentally friendly
  • The fully adjustable and removable armrests allow your clients to rest their arms comfortably during treatment
  • The removable neck bolster adds additional support
  • The headrest/accessory outlets on both sides of the table provide convenience when positioning your clients
  • The lockable wheel system lets you move and secure your table effortlessly

Sizes, Colors, and Design

  • Available Width: 30” (See Specifications for More Details)
  • Available Color: Cream Upholstery
  • Scissor-Design Legs and Frame Constructed From Sturdy Iron

Ideal For

  • All Forms of Bodywork
  • All Forms of Spa Treatments
  • Pregnant Clients
  • Clients With Limited Mobility
  • Lymphatic Massage
  • Salons
  • Resorts

Free Accessories

  • Free Ergonomic Headrest
  • Free Ergonomic Face Pillow with Memory Foam
  • Free Hanging Arm Shelf
  • Free Fully Adjustable, Removable Side Armrests
  • Free Neck Bolster
  • Free Shipping
  • Specifications	UltraFlex Deluxe PowerLift Electric Massage Table
    Width	30"
    Length	75''
    Length with Headrest	87''
    Adjustable Heights	16" - 35"
    Weight	147 lbs
    Static Weight	2,400 lbs
    Lifting Capacity	550 lbs
    Padding	3'' High-Density, Small-Cell Foam
    Upholstery	Environmentally and Skin Friendly PU Leather (Oil and Waterproof)
    Legs and Frame	Sturdy Iron
    Systems	Electric PowerLift System
    Motorized Adjustable Backrest
    Motorized Adjustable Leg Section
    Two-Year Guarantee Against Defects of Electric Components Including Motor, Control Box, Cable, and Foot Pedal
    Ten-Year Guarantee Against Defects of Legs and Frame
    Two-Year Guarantee Against Defects of Upholster


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