Warming Pad – Fleece

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Product Summary
Keep your clients toasty warm with our Fleece Warming Pads. The pads attach securely to most massage tables with sturdy elastic straps. The temperature is controlled by a handy remote. The pads are not machine washable.


Product Details
Give your clients a warm welcome when they lie down on your massage table with one of our comfy warming pads. The pads can be used just before massage to warm up your table’s surface, or throughout the entire massage session to keep your clients toasty warm. The warming pads fit most massage tables and attach securely to the massage tables with convenient elastic straps on each corner. A handy remote lets you control the pad’s temperature and the time the warmers are on. The warming pads heat up quickly so you don’t have to waste time waiting!

Please Note: After one hour the warming pad temperature will decrease to a lower setting even if the timer is set for more than one hour. To maintain the highest heat just increase the temperature setting after one hour.

Features and Benefits

The generous size of both the standard and fleece warming pads allow them to fit most massage tables
Four elastic straps securely attach the warming pads to your massage tables
A handy remote features five temperature settings as well as one, two, four, and eight hour timer intervals so you can control the temperature and time the warmers are on
Quick heat-up times let you use the warming pads right away, keeping you from wasting time
Maximum temperature is between 115 – 120 degrees depending on the environment.
Sizes and Colors

Dimensions of the Fleece Pad: 69″L x 31″W
Available Color of the Fleece Pad: Cream
Ideal For

Hot or Warm Massage Techniques
Practitioners Who Practice in Cold Environments
Clients Who Are Sensitive to the Cold

Unfold and lay your warming pad flat on the table with the elastic straps on the bottom. Position your warmer so that the remote and cord are nearest to the head end of table.
To secure the warming pad to the table, slide each of the elastic straps around its respective corner of the table.
Remove any folds or any bunching in the fleece warming pad before using it.
Push the “On” button on the remote to start up the warmer.
Select one of the five temperature settings on the remote.
Select the time you want the warmer to remain on.
Select “Cancel” to stop the warmer before its set time.

Our warming pads are not machine-washable. To clean, spot treat them with mild soap and water.
Fleece warming pads have standard 110 voltages.
Maximum temperature is between 115 – 120 degrees depending on the environment.
The warming pad is designed to create a mild heat. Intended for activation prior to a massage, allow the pad to generate a warmed table or surface before the session. For a more intense heat and concentrated therapeutic practice, we recommend the Thermophore.


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